Corinthian Fund

The goal of the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron Corinthian Fund is to assist Squadron sailors in their quest to win National, International and Olympic championships; to develop a depth of feeling and a sense of loyalty to the RNSYS, and to develop lifelong members for the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron.

2019 Corinthian Fund Submission Criteria


Because of our Membership's generosity last year, the Corinthian Fund Committee was able to make significant and meaningful contributions to our aspiring RNSYS sailors. The 2018 recipients of Corinthian funds have shown the benefits of their dedication and RNSYS support. 

Contributions to the Fund

Donations Contributions to the Corinthian Fund are solicited from the membership on an annual, voluntary basis with the funds ultimately controlled by an independent committee as per the constitution. The Corinthian Fund structure provides the membership with a convenient way to make a lasting gift to our aspiring sailors while enjoying significant tax advantages. Aside from the annual contribution, Squadron members can contribute cash, appreciated publicly traded listed securities or other assets to the fund. You can also make a deferred contribution by naming the RNSYS Corinthian Fund account as the beneficiary of a charitable bequest, a life insurance policy, a qualified registered retirement plan, or another existing private foundation. You receive an official charitable donation receipt for the full fair market value of your contribution, and gifts of qualifying securities may also be eligible for a capital gains tax exemption.

You will receive a donation tax receipt for the full amount of the gift at the end of the year. Our hope is to see the size and scope of the Corinthian Fund grow through your support such that we can make a lasting mark on the sport of sailing through RNSYS' athletes. If you would like to learn more about the benefits to making further contributions to the Corinthian Fund, please contact the Squadron's Financial Controller, by email at [email protected]

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2019 Corinthian Fund Submission Criteria