Adult Learn To Sail

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Located on the stunning shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean, the Squadron is the perfect destination for those in pursuit of learning how to sail, in a relaxed, fun, and interactive environment. An introductory sailing course for adults, with four scheduled programs from May to July, the lessons are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm.
Program Dates:
May 12-28th - ALTS 1
June 2nd to 18th - ALTS 2
June 23rd to July 9th - ALTS 3
July 14th to 30th - ALTS 4
Program cost: $295 for Members and $375 for Non-Members
What you'll learn: The first lesson introduces participants to the boats, terminology, basic manoeuvres and how to get the sails up and down and is conducted on the dock. After that, the students will be sailing every evening! 
J/22 Keelboats: These 22' long-boats are well suited to learning with their large cockpits and simple, yet comprehensive, controls. They are small, stable and dry, easy to control by large enough to fit 3-4 students and deal with some stronger winds. They are simple and easy to sail but demonstrate systems found on every other boat. By the end of each course, all students will be able to rig and de-rig the boats, sail upwind and downwind, take the boats on and off a dock and a mooring ball and have a basic understanding of the theory behind how sailboats work.
Learning how to sail at the Squadron: The location of the RNSYS allows students to stay in the shelter of the Northwest Arm or venture out into the harbour based on the weather and the progress of the lessons. Our course is very flexible and we account for varying weather conditions and the desires of the students. Some learn quickly and want to move on to spinnakers while some take a little longer to get comfortable and would rather perfect the use of white sails.
Instructors & Registration: Our programs run under the guidance of Carson Murray. Carson has many years of experience teaching sailing as well as sailing himself. Registration for all courses is open online. Search for 'adult' to see just the adult sailing courses. 
Member pricing: Students that wish to become members of the RNSYS can apply the entire cost of the course fee towards their entrance fee. You can also get a free sailing course just for joining.  2019-2020 RNSYS Membership Package
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Basic Seamanship Course: Learn the basic skills you need to go out and adventure on the deep blue of the east coast! After you've graduated from our Adult Learn to Sail Course, enhance your skillset with our Seamanship program.
Prerequisites: ALTS & PCOC - We will be using both power and sailboats to teach this course. Completing the ALTS program and holding a valid PCOC card will be required.
Dates: August 25th to September 10th
What you'll learn: You'll learn the fundamentals of coastal navigation, equipment, techniques, weather and regulations. Plus, boat handling, manoeuvering operations, anchoring, heavy weather, emergency response as well as a brief introduction to small boat maintenance and what to look for when buying a boat. Small boat maintenance ( a series of winter courses for members) Buying your own boat (winter course series for members).
How to register: Contact instructor Carson Murray through