J22 Rentals & Programs

rentalsThe RNSYS owns six J/22 sailboats that are available for use in programs and for individual rentals.

Individual rentals are arranged by filling out the online request form.

  • Rentals require at least 36 hours notice.
  • Renters are required to be current members of the RNSYS in good standing and 16+.
  • Boats can be rented by any category of RNSYS member.
  • Renters are required to acknowledge the rules of renting a J/22 and also a waiver when filling out a request form.
  • Rental periods are Morning 9am-1pm, Afternoon 1pm-5pm or Evening, 5pm to sundown.
  • Price is $80 per period or $150 for a full day.
  • The renter will receive a confirmation of the request and then a confirmation that the rental is in place which will include information on which boat they are to use.
  • At the conclusion of  rental, the member will securely dock or moor the boat, stow all sails and equipment inside the boat and close the hatch.

The RNSYS and it's employees reserves the right to refuse rental of the club J/22s to any individual for any reason.

Members wishing to create a program (eg women's sailing, match racing, etc.) should contact the Race Director to discuss the format, requirements, and timing. Upon approval, arrangements will be made to have the boats ready each time and cleared up afterward for the duration of the program. Cost per boat is the same as a regular rental and will be the responsibility of the organizing member. The cost for additional services (eg a coach, extra equipment, coach boat, space on shore) will be on top of the boat cost, will be agreed prior to the program starting and will also be the responsibility of the organizing member.

Regular Adult Learn to Sail programs are listed in the 2017 Program Guide with online registration here.

For further information please contact Race Director Luke Porter at 477-5653 ext 109. or by email racedirector@rnsys.com.

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