Squadron Summer Cruise


Proposed Itinerary: Squadron Summer Cruise 2019

Friday, July 26: Dinner for the Cruisers in the Squadron dinning room.

Saturday, July 27: Cruise starts with a raft up in Rogues Roost.

Sunday, July 28: Cruise at your own pace to LaHave River Yacht Club via St. Margarets Bay/Mahone Bay/LaHave Islands.

Monday & Tuesday, July 29 & 30: LaHave River Yacht Club

Wednesday, July 31: Sail from the LaHRYC via the LaHave Islands/Lunenburg Bay.

Thursday & Friday, August 1 & 2: Lunenburg.

Saturday & Sunday, August 3 & 4: Sail from Lunenburg and cruise Mahone Bay.

Monday, August 5: Town of Mahone Bay for a dinghy drift.

Tuesday, August 6: Kite Flying at Bachmans Island, Mahone Bay.

Wednesday, August 7: Sail from Mahone Bay to St. Margarets Bay.

Thursday, August 8: Hubbards.  Dinner ashore at the Shore Club.

Friday, August 9: Cruise St. Margarets Bay.

Saturday, August 10: Cruise ends at the Greenwoods in Seebright, St. Margarets Bay.


2018 Squadron Summer Cruise Guide

We highly recommend that you download a copy and review prior to departing for the cruise. 

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