Squadron Summer Cruise

 Table Top March 6

How does May 17th, at 6pm, in the Clubhouse, Dining Room, with great people, discussing the excitement and enjoyment of cruising, over bacon-wrapped scallops sound to you?

The RNSYS' Cruise Committee is hosting a sweet little soiree, just for you! We want to meet you, introduce you to our friends, and invite you to learn  and ask any questions you may have about cruising.

Boating is a passion and it's a passion that we all have in common. This year's cruise along the south shore is ideal for inexperienced cruisers, offering up great tucked away pockets for anchoring, and unrivalled moments on the open ocean. Cruising is about leaving the harbour, together.The first year of cruising everything is a new experience. Bridges. Locks.Getting fuel. Water. Remembering the anchor light. How to hoist the dinghy. Plotting a course in the chart plotter. Is our draft too deep for that anchorage? What do you mean,we’re out of water? The holding tank is full? How far can we go in a day? How can our batteries be dead? What clothes do I really need? Where/how should I store this? How much food should I buy? We will have experienced cruisers available to chat with you and also secure you a buddy boat for the cruise if you desire.

2019 Summer Cruise Registration Form- Return your completed form to Mikela Sani, Communications & Membership Manager, [email protected], or 2372 Purcell's Cove Rd, Halifax, NS, B3P 1C7

Read our working copy of our 2019 Summer Cruise Guide

Proposed Itinerary: Squadron Summer Cruise 2019

Copy of Copy of Black and White Mountains Photo Travel Magazine



4237 - Approaches to Halifax Harbour

4385 - Chebucto Head to Betty Island

4386 - St. Margaret's Bay

4381 - Mahone Bay

4328 - Lunenburg Bay

4384 - Pearl Island to Cape La Have

4395 - LaHave River: Riverport to Conquerall Bank


Sponsors of the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race 2019:

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