Squadron Summer Cruise

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Hi everyone and welcome to our Cruising Page! Here we will share with you all of the exciting events and activities planned, starting with our upcoming Cruising Dinner on April 6th and ending with our Cruise to Cape Breton in late July.

Your Cruise Committee Chair, John van-Schalkwyk of Morning Watch, along with his peers, has designed a beautiful cruise up the coast, which for some will be a great return to the lakes and for others, a new experience that we know you'll enjoy!

Now let's kick things off with our Annual Cruising Dinner!

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Annual Cruising Dinner

Monday April 6th, 6pm Arrival, 7pm Dinner at the Saraguay House!


RSVP to Function Manager, Marriann Creelman (902) 477-5653 Ext 1 + 102 or [email protected] Early bird pricing is $35++ per-person by March 24th. After this date the cost is $40 ++ per-person


An event that captures the spirit of cruising, this annual dinner celebrates intrepid sailors, relives past expeditions and excites about adventures to come!


Join us for a delicious buffet selection, a sailing presentation by Judy Robertson, lively music, our cruising quiz with prizes and information on this summer's cruise to Cape Breton!


Strawberry Spinach Salad with poppyseed dressing
Carrot Ginger Soup with sour creamCarved Prime Rib with red wine sauce
Baked Halibut with a zesty mango salsa
Yorkshire Puddings
Creamy Mashed Potatoes
Mixed Roasted Winter Vegetables
Vegetarian GratinLemon Pudding Cake
Mix-Berry Trifle with fresh berries
Tea & Coffee
$35++ per-person by March 24th.
After this date, the cost will be $40++ per-person

Summer Cruise Itinerary

DATE                                      DESTINATION                                               DISTANCE
Fri, July 24                              Eve Before Dinner at the Squadron               -
Sat, July 25 & Sun July 26   Shelter Cove                                                        49 nm
Mon, July 27                           Fishermans or Country Harbours                  52 or 57 nm
Tue, July 28                            Yankee Cove                                                        26 nm
Wed, July 29                           D’Escousse                                                          40 nm
Thu, July 30                            St Peter's Lions Club Marina                           7 nm
Fri, July 31                              Lay day, St Peter's                                               -
Sat, August 1                          Crammond Islands                                             20 nm
Sun, August 2                         Orangedale                                                          21 nm
Mon, August 3                         Maskells Harbour                                             18 nm
Tue, August 4                          Lay day, Maskells Harbour                              - 
Wed, August 5                         Otter Harbour                                                   16 nm
Thu, August 6                          Dingwall                                                             50 nm
Fri, August 7                            Lay day, Dingwall                                              -
Sat, August 8                           Ingonish                                                             25 nm
Sun, August 9                          Baddeck                                                             43 nm

Activities planned for the above destinations include:
July 29th at D'Escousse, Dinner at the Groundswell Pub
July 30th at St. Peter's Lions Club Marina, Potluck Supper
August 1st at Crammond Islands, Kite Flying & Beach Bonfire
August 2nd at Orangedale, Hors D'oeuvres Reception
August 3rd at Maskell's Harbour, Dinghy Drift
August 7th at Dingwall, Lobster on the Wharf or Dinner at the Markland Inn
August 8th at Ingonish, Potluck Supper
August 9th at Baddeck, Cocktails & Hors D'oeuvres


Useful charts for the RNSYS Summer 2020 Cruise (in order of sail, more or less)

There is some overlap and Cruisers should decide whether they want all or most. We also suggest that Cruisers using electronic charts should have some overall paper charts in case of an electronic malfunction.

4013    Halifax to Sydney (wider area)

4237   Approaches to Halifax Harbour

4320    Egg Island to West Ironbound Island (wider area)

4236    Taylors Head to Shut-In Island

4235    Barrens Island To Taylors Head

4234    Country Isl. to Barren Island

4233   Cape Canso to Country Island

4281    Canso Harbour & Inner Approaches (more detail)

4335    Straight of Canso (wider area)

4308    St. Peters Bay to Strait of Canso

4279    Bras d’Or Lake

4275    St. Peters Bay (more detail)

4278    Great Bras d’Or & St. Patrick’s Channel

4277    Great Bras d’Or to St. Andrews

4367    Flint Island to Cape Smokey

4363    Cape Smokey to Guyon Island

4365    Ingonish Harbour

 Sign-Up For Our Summer Cruise!

Whether you're a possible or probably cruiser, we would love to add you to our fleet!This year we're offering registration through a new online portal! It takes less than two minutes to complete and is very user-friendly.That being said, if you prefer to register by way of a hard-copy form, you can print off a copy hereand return it into Communications & Membership Manager, Mikela Sani [email protected] or by visiting her office located on the 2nd floor of the Clubhouse.Our Summer Cruise is open to members and non-members and we encourage you to welcome friends and family to share in the adventure! There will be a fee for visiting yachts to participate.

For more information on this, please contact John via email, [email protected]

Capturing The Cruise!

Many of us keep our memories on our phones nowadays and rarely do they ever get to be shared beyond this point. We would like to change that starting with our slideshow at the Cruising Dinner! We encourage you to send your favourite photos to us so that we can share them for all to enjoy. Here's a few ways you can do it:

*USB stick. You can dropoff a usb stick with your photos on it and we will then download them and of course return your usb drive to you.

*You can email your photos. Depending on the size, you may need to do this one at a time but for three good photos it's a very easy process. Just email them to [email protected]

*WE Transfer, a free file-sharing service that makes it easy to send a folder of photos to someone's email address.

Thanks very much!