Recreational & Competitive Programs for all levels and ages!

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Programs for all levels and ages that offer everything under the sun! With the top Sail Training Program in the Maritimes plus a multitude of swimming camps, we welcome you to join us for one or two weeks, a month, or the entire summer! 


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Welcome Parents & Sailors! 

Hello parents and sailors, welcome to the 2020 summer sailing season!

We couldn’t be more excited that you have decided to join the RNSYS’ Learn to Sail team. This summer, we will be your Co-Head Coaches and we are both extremely lucky to be able to call the RNSYS our home for many years. This will be our second year as Co-Head Coaches and we look forward to sharing all the fun activities we have planned. Alongside us we will have a group of nine experienced coaches to help make this summer as fun and as safe as possible.

If you have questions please contact us by email at [email protected] or call us at +1 (902) 477-5653. 

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Sailing, Swimming & Having Fun! Our mission to engage kids in on-water activities, beginning with our grassroots Wet Feet and Opti 1 programs that encourage play and discovery on Halifax's Northwest Arm. With us, your child will benefit from smaller class sizes that allow our instructors to work with your child on their level comfort being in a boat, swimming and also how they follow instruction and structure. What makes our programs unique is that they are offer a new adventure every day, whether that is a costume theme like 'Pirate Day' or a scavenger hunt game during break, or a trip to McNabs Island by boat for a picnic! 


Camp at a Glance:

9am - Parent drop-off at the Marine Activity Centre

9:30am - the group makes their way over to our heated outdoor pool for their morning swim lesson

11am it's time for snacks and sunscreen and to rig up the Opti to get ready for the water 

11:30am our sailors launch into the water for a sail around

12pm we break for lunch and games by the pool

2pm we're back on the water before de-rigging and recapping the day together as a group

4pm for parent pick up.

Adventure days include: McNabs Island Day, Theme Day, Freezie Day, Cookie Day, Build A Boat Day & More!


Helpful Information:

Youth classes are from Monday-Friday, supervised from 9am-4pm

Lumch programs are avilable for purchase at $50/week as well as our tender service at $40/week

Sailors must bring an approved PFD


How to choose the right program: Choosing the right camp experience for you child is an important decision. That's why we've launched a brief questionnaire to assist you in selecting our grassroots Wet Feet & Opti 1 program. 

How old is your child or how old will your child be during the program? If you child is between 5-7 years of age, they may be best suited for our Wet Feet Program.  If you child is 7-12 years of age, they may be ready for our Opti 1 Program. The questions below will provide guidance to you and your family on which program will be the best fit for your little sailor.

Q1 Has your child had any previous sailing or boating experience?

Q2 Had your child participated in any swimming programs and achieved any level of certification?

Q3 Has your child been enrolled in a summer camp or been a part of a sports/team environment before?

Q4 On a scale of 1 to 5, how comfortable is your child with receiving instruction and applying what they have learned to a designated activity?

If you answered yes to three or more questions, we recommend your child enroll in our Opti 1 Program

If you answered no to three or more questions, we recommend you enroll your child in our Wet Feet Program

Our dedicated instructors will work with you to provide you child with an environment that best suits their ability and make recommendation and adjustments following program registration.


Bring & Friend 20% Discount For You & Your Friend! 

New Wet Feet pricing with 20% off included: Members $264 & Non-Members $308  | New Opti 1 pricing with 20% off included: Members $379 & Non-Members $470


Register Online Today! Now that you have picked your program or programs, head on over to our online registration and type in the name of your course. Then follow the prompts of registration. 


Chat with our Coaches Any questions you may have, our co-head instructors Sebastian and Curtis would be happy to answer!  Email [email protected] or call +1 (902) 477-5653. 


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