2020 Corinthian Fund Applications


The goal of the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron Corinthian Fund is to assist Squadron sailors in their quest to win National, International Olympic and Paralympic championships; to develop a depth of feeling and a sense of loyalty to the RNSYS; and to develop lifelong members for the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron.

All applications are due by the end of the day: Friday, October 30th.

Applications should include:

  • Cover letter
  • Brief sailing resume
  • 2021 Development and Competition Schedule
  • Brief 2021 Budget, including all sources of funding
  • Brief 4 Year Development and Competition Plan, with goals
  • Request for support from the RNSYS Corinthian Fund
  • Applicant's email address and phone number
  • Outline how your plan can be flexible to accommodate ongoing COVID 19 restrictions

Applications are not to exceed 4 pages in total.  In order to strengthen an application, sailors are encouraged to:

  • Set goals for national and/or international events and include them in their application. Describe how the Corinthian Fund will assist the sailor to achieve those goals and become a lifelong sailor of the RNSYS.
  • Present a year-round training plan including regattas that demonstrate a commitment to attaining goals. For junior sailors, the Head Race Coach is available to assist with developing a training and racing plan. The plan should include as much detail as possible for shoulder season and off-season training.
  • Applicants who received funding from the Corinthian Fund in the past year must describe what they have done to volunteer for their club since December 2019, and all applicants must describe what they will do as a volunteer for their club in 2021 if successful in their application.
  • Applicants who received funding towards the 2020 year are encouraged to describe how they altered their plans in the face of COVID 19 and continue to develop as sailors.

Please address applications to:

RNSYS Corinthian Fund Committee, and have it sent to or dropped off at the club or emailed to [email protected]

Grant amounts will be awarded at the RNSYS ABM on December 17, 2020.  Funding will be disbursed during 2021 following the receipt of a progress update from award recipients.

Recipients will be required to perform volunteer services for the club in return for grants.

Sailors in their first year of membership at RNSYS are not eligible to receive funds from the Corinthian Fund.

- Corinthian Fund Committee